Case Study

True Tales of 8 Certificate Outages – How to Avoid Disruption, Distraction & Downtime

Case Study

Posted on February 4, 2022


How bad can a certificate outage be?

Certificate-related outages can easily become a disaster. The emergency-response clock starts ticking the minute an outage takes down servers or applications, delays revenue-generating opportunities and stalls productivity. But outages can even put people’s lives at risk, such as when an expired certificate triggered an outage on the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE) in 2020. That particular outage led to a massive undercount of COVID-19 cases reported in California, and prevented partners from uploading lab results to the CalREDIE system.

The impacts of outages can easily balloon as they become even more widespread. In 2017, Equifax was breached because of an expired certificate, compromising the personal financial data of almost 150 million Americans. Certificate outages at Microsoft brought down Microsoft Teams in early 2020 and Azure Active Directory in March 2021 which silenced Office 365, Dynamics 365, Xbox Live, Teams and other third-party apps. And these are just some of the high-profile outages that keep popping up.

Outages can be silent but deadly

For every newsworthy outage, there are thousands more that no one hears about. They wreak havoc across critical infrastructure in myriad ways—from toppling online storefronts to jeopardizing technological advances. And the panic and frustration of most, if not all, of these outages could have been prevented with a holistic, automated machine identity management solution.

Chances are you’ve picked up this eBook because your organization has weathered an outage or two, and you’re looking to learn from the experience of others where to avoid outages. But more likely, you’re seeking a way out of your ongoing problem with outages. We hope this eBook, which features nine outages suffered by organizations that later became Venafi customers, gives you confidence that this problem can be overcome.

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