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TLS Protect Cloud integrates with the most popular certificate authorities, cloud providers and DevOps tools in the industry.

Certificate authorities

We’ve partnered with leading certificate authorities to bring you multiple options for public and private trust certificates.

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Microsoft ADCS

Establish a comprehensive inventory and issue certificates via the web interface, API, SDK and DevOps tools while enforcing security policies.

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Built-in Private CA

Our built-in Private CA enables you to quickly request private trust certificates from an automatically-generated customer-specific Root and Intermediate CA.

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Jetstack for Kubernetes Environments

Obtain TLS certificates from leading CAs and automate renewals for Kubernetes and OpenShift environments.

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Secrets Engine for Vault

Use native Vault commands to request TLS certificates from multiple certificate authorities.

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Obtain certificates from leading certificate authorities with the Venafi Provider.

microsoft azure

Deploy certificates directly to Azure Key Vault and Web Apps to secure your applications with HTTPS using trusted certificates.

amazon private ca

Use Amazon Private CA while complying with security policies and audit requirements automatically.

VCert SDK in Go, Python, Java, Ruby

Venafi VCert SDK native language bindings abstract and simplify the TLS Protect Cloud REST API for certificate enrollment using Go, Python, Java and Ruby. This can be easily included within DevOps applications where certificate enrollment and will enforce security and audit policies.

VCert Command Line Interface (CLI)

Venafi VCert is a command line utility designed to generate keys and simplify certificate acquisition by eliminating the need to write code to interact with the Venafi REST API. VCert is available in 32 and 64 bit versions for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. This is offered as a single “golang” binary for Linux, Windows & OSX and can be easily included within DevOps tools or shell scripts, batch files, etc.


The REST API (or VCert) can be used if a native integration is not available or to perform functions normally done via the web interface.

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