TLS Protect Cloud: Expired and Old Certificates


Posted on June 1, 2021

What you’ll learn

TLS Protect Cloud provides comprehensive SSL/TLS certificate management capabilities, including a dashboard for tracking what’s most important. In this video, we showcase new dashboard details added to TLS Protect Cloud (formerly called Venafi Cloud) which show “expired” and “old” certificates. These are certificates that are still installed and may cause outages to internal infrastructure or customer-facing applications. These are the most important certificate issues you should look to address right away.

Expired certificates can often live on a redundant server behind a load balancer, if expired, they can cause “brown outs” that only impact users sporadically. Old certificates are those where TLS Protect Cloud has found a more updated version of those certificates. These might not cause an outage right away but if you forget to replace them, they’re likely to cause an outage.

TLS Protect Cloud will help you locate these certificates so you can take action and stop outages before they cause problems for your organization and brand.

See this for yourself by trying TLS Protect Cloud for free.

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